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Room2Room Construction, LLC Methods

Time to get rid of the 1950’s and update to a more energy efficient window.

All wood frame, with a metal roof, even on a cool night the heaters will keep you warm.

Operation of Windows

Double hung windows slide up and down. If the window is not staying open or is tough to open up, lower the sash to a 45 degree angle and make sure the window pegs are in the window shoe. Raise sash back into the track.

Always lock window when it is closed. Expansion will make it tough to lock if unlocked for a few days.

Sliders move back and forth on a track.  To remove the sashes, make sure you are past the stop in the upper sash, lift up and pull out from the bottom.

Always lock the window when it is closed. If unlocked for a few days, expansion will make it tough to lock.

Operation of Slider Windows


Most doors have adjustable thresholds. If the door is rubbing on the bottom or there is a draft, grab a philips screwdriver and adjust to desired level. This does not work for sliding patio doors.

Most people use the handle to “over tighten” the window. That is not correct.  Use the handle to get the window snug.  Once it is snug, use the lock to pull it the rest of the way shut. That way you won’t need to replace any parts to early.

Operation of Casement Windows

A Few Words About Room2Room Construction, LLC

Established in 2014, Room2Room Construction LLC is a full general contracting service.  With over 15 years of hands on experience, we can handle anything from a simple repair to your new forever home. So when you are thinking about that addition you have always wanted, or new siding and windows, call or email for an estimate. Estimates are always free and discounts to seniors, first responders and military.

"I enjoy everything from start to finish, but the thing I would have to say I enjoy the most is seeing the finished product and a customer that is smiling."

Rick Pankowski,

Financing is available if needed.

Here are the interior pictures of our most recent addition. We framed and installed doors, windows, tiles, baseboard and casing.